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Delivery Policy

We deliver seven days a week in the Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, and LaSalle/Peru areas. If your item needs to be ordered, delivery times vary. Check with us for other special order times, as they can vary by manufacturer and product. On the day of your delivery, you'll receive a call in the morning with a two-hour time window so you'll know when to expect us.

Delivery Areas and Fees

Damage Policy

Sherman’s Customer Service department is available Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm, closed on Sundays. We try to answer every call live, but if we're assisting other customers you may reach our voicemail. If that occurs we'll return your call as quickly as possible, no later than the next business day. If you'd prefer you can email us at - (309) 691-4100

Return Policy

You’ll be happy you chose Sherman’s.


Due to the complicated nature of delivering and installing appliances, sales are final. Please inspect your appliance for damage and defects before accepting delivery. If your appliance is damaged or defective, we will fix it. If it cannot be fixed, we will offer to refund or exchange it. 


All furniture sales are final and must be paid in full at the time of sale. Please measure your room and delivery path carefully. If furniture doesn’t fit or is cancelled prior to delivery, a 15% restocking fee will be charged.

Financed sales require 15% deposit on all special orders. If an item is ordered and canceled prior to delivery, no refund of deposit will be issued.

Please inspect your furniture for damage and defects before accepting delivery. If your furniture is damaged or defective, we will fix it. If it cannot be fixed, we will offer to refund or exchange it. 

Furniture accessories such as lamps, wall hangings, artwork, rugs, tabletop accessories, and bedding are not returnable.


If your mattress is damaged or defective upon delivery, we will offer to refund or exchange it.

All mattresses purchased with a mattress protector are eligible for our 60-day comfort guarantee. Mattresses require a 15-day adjustment period to allow your body to adjust to the new support. Between 15 and 60 days you may select a one-time satisfaction exchange. If a less expensive replacement is chosen, a store credit will be issued for the difference. Our standard $49.99 delivery fee will apply to all comfort exchanges.


Comfort guarantee applies to mattresses only; adjustable bases, pillows, and other sleep accessories are excluded.

Stained, damaged, or unsanitary mattresses cannot be exchanged.

Mattress law tags must be attached.

Any free gift amounts earned with the original purchase will be deducted from the return credit.

If exchanging foundations (High profile for low profile, or vice-versa) our standard $49.99 delivery fee will apply.


Please give us a call if you need to arrange for service, (309) 691-4100. We can help you determine the warranty status of your product and resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

Delivery FAQ

What to Expect: Delivery Day

When can it be delivered? 
We deliver seven days a week in the Peoria, Bloomington/Normal and LaSalle/Peru areas. If we have your product in stock, we can deliver it the next day.

If your item needs ordered, delivery times vary. The fastest are GE appliances and mattresses ordered by the weekend (as long as the manufacturer has them in stock). England custom furniture ordered by Sunday can be delivered in less than three weeks. Check with us for other special order times, as they can vary by manufacturer and product.

What time of day will my delivery be? 
On the day of your delivery, you'll receive a call with a two-hour time window so you'll know when to expect us. That call will be in the morning for a daytime delivery, or mid-afternoon if you're receiving an evening delivery.

Appliance FAQ

Why isn't my dishwasher cleaning well?
Phosphates were recently banned from dishwasher detergents, to the frustration of many dishwasher owners. Stained and filmed dishware and glasses are often the result, regardless of the brand or type of dishwasher related article. To help alleviate the problem, we recommend setting your hot water heater to at least 120 degrees, and to experiment with different detergents to see what works best with your water.

With soft water, it's easy to use too much detergent. Filling the detergent dispenser all the way will result in filming and other wash problems. Consult your manual for guidelines, but remember that with soft water you'll get better wash performance if you use less detergent.

It's making noises my old one never did, or working differently. Is something wrong?
Over the past few years appliances have made huge strides in efficiency. They sound and operate differently, so it's easy to mistake these operating differences for a problem. Your owner's manual often contains important information on operating procedures and characteristics that you may not be accustomed to.

What kind of detergent is best for my HE washer?
High efficiency (HE) washers are designed to clean clothes using less energy, water and detergent. Since they use less water HE detergent should be used to ensure proper cleaning.

My front-load washer doesn't always spin out. Why?
If the load isn't balanced properly when the spin begins, it can go out of balance and shut down to prevent damage to the machine. Simply re-distribute the clothes and try again.

Do HE washers need any maintenance? 
It's a good idea to follow the guidelines in your user manual regarding cleaning around door seals and filters, if applicable. Clean the dryer vent of lint after each use.

Why does my Range make a burning smell when I first use it?
A new oven will emit a burning smell during initial use; it will go away after a few hours of operation. It is simply the oils used in the manufacturing process burning off the metal.

Who do I call for Service?
Please give us a call if you need to arrange for service on your appliance. We can help you determine the warranty status of your appliance and resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Here is direct contact info for our service partners and manufacturers:

Service Partners

Marcone (Parts Supplier): (309) 643-6003


GE (including Cafe, Profile, Hotpoint, and Monogram): (800) 432-2737

Whirlpool (including Maytag, Estate, KitchenAid, JennAir):   (866) 698-2538

Wolf & Sub-Zero:   1-800-222-7820

Bosch: 1-800-944-2904

Airking:   1-877-304-3785

Uline:   1-800-779-2547

Best (including Broan):   1-800-558-1711

Thermador: 1-800-735-4328

Furniture FAQ

How do I arrange for repair or service of my furniture?
We have factory trained Furniture Service Technicians to service and repair the furniture we sell. Please see the Furniture Warranty Guide for general info, and call for details. We also offer service outside of warranty. The initial service call is $99 to come out, and must be paid prior to scheduling an appointment. A quote will be provided for the cost of parts and labor before service is performed. We service seven days a week, but availability may be limited due to existing appointments. Please allow up to three weeks in advance if parts must be ordered.

I purchased fabric or leather protection and have a problem, how do I obtain service?
Purchase of Fabric and Leather protection covers most accidental rips, tears and burns. For additional details or to file a claim, please contact the appropriate company as listed on your receipt. All claims must be presented within 5 days of the accident.

Crypton and Guardian - 800-527-8485
Guardsman - 800-253-3957

Is it normal for the fabric to "shed" or "pill"?
This is often a temporary or maintainable characteristic. When it does not affect the long-term reliability of the fabric, it is not considered a warrantable defect.

Why has my fabric developed patches that look different than the rest?
You may have Rayon, which offers a great, stylish look but develops unique characteristics with use. Rayon is a lustrous fiber. It will immediately develop light and dark areas that look like wear. This is a characteristic of the fabric, and does not affect its usable life or reliability.

Why doesn't my furniture look or feel like what I saw on the floor or in the catalog?

A slight difference in comfort between our floor display and a newly delivered product is normal and should be expected. Cushion cores are often firm when new, but will soften with use. Recliner mechanisms may also be stiff upon arrival but will loosen over time.

Many models of England furniture have zippers to allow areas with stuffing to be adjusted (added, removed or redistributed) by the owner.

Wood finishes may vary slightly in color between items. This is a result of normal variations in the natural wood.

Many varieties of wood furniture have an intentional "distressed" look, including rub marks and small pits or scratches on the surface of the wood. These marks can be clearly seen on the floor displays, but may not be obvious when viewing special order product in a catalog or online.


Mattress FAQ

I'm sleeping worse on my new bed than my old one! What's wrong? 
A new mattress can make a world of difference in the quality of your sleep, but it often takes days or weeks for your body to adjust. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes, give it some time for the product and your body to adjust to each other. Once you do, you'll get the best sleep you've experienced in years. Here's a guide so you know what to expect with your new mattress: What to Expect.

Is it normal to see an impression where I sleep? 
You'll typically experience an impression where you sleep, as the various layers of a mattress compress. This usually happens in the first days or months of sleeping on a new bed, and is completely normal. On the other hand, in the rare instance the mattress support system fails, the impression will be deep and there will be an obvious difference in support between the affected area and the rest of the bed. While visible impressions are to be expected, anything over 1.5" deep is considered to be evidence of a defect.

How does Sherman's Comfort Guarantee work?
If your new mattress simply isn't going to provide the quality sleep you were expecting, we can help you switch to something that will. Here are the full details:
Comfort Guarantee

How do I obtain service for my mattress? 
If you feel you have a warranty issue with your mattress, please call us to arrange an in-home inspection.

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